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Allegiance Auction Fundraising Software helps you take care of all aspects of your auctions, from telemarketing to scheduling, bid entry to invoicing. It tracks everything related to the primary elements involved: donors, items and buyers. And when it’s over, you’ll be able to analyze the data from all three, figure out what worked and what didn’t and do an even better job next time.

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  • Eliminate redundant data entry with direct data entry into telemarketing forms, including operator call notes
  • Store item information by quantity, type of item (merchandise, certificate, underwriting, in-kind donation, or cash donation), description, market value, minimum bid, preferred board type, delivery, scheduling and warehouse data
  • Create a report and download that shows items that need to be picked up, making it possible to map out an efficient route for pick-up
  • Assign in-house values (even if it’s lower than donor’s assessment)
  • Create certificates for printing or downloading for mail merging
  • Denote special information with item flags, including sample available, taxable, or recycled
  • Calculate minimum bid amount automatically as a % of market value
  • Search for an item by its value, description, category/description, “description contains” or item number
  • Print labels for each item donated, plus an extra label for the shelf
  • If there is a sample of the item, the last label is noted “do not sell” so that you will give away the other items or certificates before the actual sample
  • Preserve complete donor and buyer histories
  • Easily find, delineate and analyze comprehensive information about buyers, donors and auction items
  • Search for a donor or buyer by name, affiliation/member number, email address, address, zip code, telephone number, company name, or by a customized method you define
  • Easily download, segment and analyze all history fields
  • View summaries of landmarks and lifetime totals

Automated Lot Generation, Item Packaging and On-Air Production Aids

Allegiance has the unique capability of packaging items. Simply enter in the number of lots and the number of items that go into each package and the system will create the lots.

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  • The system automatically creates lots, which can consist of any combination of items or packages, each having a quantity of 1-999, assigns lot numbers and adds scripts to the lots along with the board placement information
  • Add other items to the package
  • Make package decisions at any time
  • You have the flexibility to manually enter and modify lots
  • You can highlight and “unlot” multiple items in a lot one at a time without going back out to the subfolder to open the next item on the list
  • A lot can be a multiple, meaning more than one winning bidder
  • Key in up to 12 lines of description for scripts; one script can be used for several lots
  • Search for a lot by its lot number, lot name, board, description or item number

Auction Scheduling

Streamline and simplify tracking and scheduling of items, lots and boards – before, during and after an auction.

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  • Enter boards with the projected date, times and type and use the scheduling program to display the entire lot on screen
  • Schedule and reschedule unsold lots because the system also shows market value, number of confirmed buyers and preferred board type
  • Print work-order production forms to begin the video production/slide production process
  • Download and print the inventory list for a physical warehouse inventory
  • Immediately after a board has been sold but before the bids go to confirmation, you can use the Quick Key Bid Stats feature to key in the number of bids and the highest bid amount on each lot on the board

Auction Bid Entry

Retain control over bid data entry while benefiting from automated record updating and extensive search criteria for locating buyers.

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  • Search for buyers by name, affiliation/member number, affiliation/name, email address, telephone number, address, zip code, company name or criteria you define
  • Enter changes if the buyer is already in the system
  • Enter the lot number, bid amount and total number of bids
  • Use automatic credit card processing for mailable fulfillments
  • If the buyer already has an open invoice, the new lot is added to it automatically
  • Set activity records to notify you of reminders and warnings every time you open an account record
  • Store unlimited amounts of information
  • Use the info tickler feature
  • If you use an online auction service, you can import the data into the Allegiance auction

Auction Analysis

Your donors deserve – and your station needs – the best, most accurate and comprehensive information possible.

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  • View how many of an item sold, who bought them, the average price, and the return on value
  • Look up a buyer and see everything the buyer purchased, the entire invoice, the over/under market value and the invoice history information
  • Provide donors with accurate lists of people who bought specific items

Auction Transaction Completion

Seal the deal with advanced functionality that gives you all the information you need to get purchased items into buyers’ hands and dollars into yours. Allegiance software auction systems help you match sold items with the right buyers and ensure your station gets the payment.

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  • Access invoices on your screen when a buyer arrives to pick up and pay. When you enter the payment, the invoice prints
  • The donor’s name and all information the warehouse needs to find the items is printed on the invoice. It also notes overbid items
  • Reprint invoices if needed
  • Add shipping and handling charges to invoices based on the percentage of the invoice
  • Set different shipping rates for merchandise and certificates
  • If there is more than one item in a lot, the system lists each item separately
  • Automatically “unconfirm” items that are confirmed but not picked up and recycle them to the next highest bidder
  • Find invoices confirmed with a credit card number, create a file to be sent to the bank and automatically pay the invoice, then print labels for shipping and print a report

Auction Tax Receipts

Receipts list all items contributed by a donor and total their market value, plus you can download tax receipts and print tax receipts on the same form as membership tax receipts.

Auction Reports

Keep auctioneers, schedulers and donors informed and prepared. Since Allegiance Auction uniquely packages combinations of items, the analysis reports are 100 percent accurate. Each item in a package is weighted according to its market value. Analysis is easy, too. Download all reports to a spreadsheet and chart them for easy analysis.

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  • Item Report – Lists the details of each item and provides a quick reference for delivery and warehousing information. You can print this report by various order and selection criteria.
  • On-Air-Script Report – This is a one-page report for each lot. It includes a script for the auctioneer and is attached to the bids to be sent to confirmation staff. It lists all the items, quantities, donors of the items, the number of multiples and other information your confirmation and data entry staff need.
  • Auction Schedule Report – Shows every lot that is up for bid by board with each item in the lot detailed. This report allows the scheduler to easily see any holes. It is available on-screen in the scheduling program to allow for easy lot-to-board assignments and can be downloaded to aid in on-air production.
  • Unpaid Invoices Report – This report is useful for follow-up with confirmed bidders who haven’t paid when pick-up and pay is finished.
  • Analysis Reports – Allows you to evaluate data from a number of perspectives with more than 400 fields for analysis and comparison. You can use any field from the item, lot, board, buyer, donor or invoice file. Using any combination of fields, you can print the item’s market value, sold value and return on value. This allows you to check the profitability of a category, a donor, a zip code, a board, a date or any combination.

Further build your station with software to handle fundraising, volunteer management, and radio traffic, underwriting and billing.

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