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Data Services

We understand that as a non-profit, your resources are limited. We’re here to help. With our real-world experience and software expertise, Allegiance staff can mine your data, standardize addresses and even move your data from one server or platform to another.

Address Standardization

We’ll help make sure your mail is deliverable and help you avoid address correction fees, wasted postage, costs of printing extra materials and lost opportunities.

Address quality is the result and benefit of using a post office-certified process to clean and standardize your data by correcting spellings, abbreviations, city, state and zip code entries.

If you don’t have the Address Automation module, you can still benefit from clean, standardized address data by using our Address Standardization Service. Send us your data and continue with your normal operations while we clean and standardize your member and prospect data. We’ll return your data to you with:

  • Standardized address data that meets USPS guidelines:
    • Spellings
    • Abbreviations
    • City Names
    • Zip Codes
  • Additional postal data elements:
    • Nine-Digit Zip Codes
    • Line of Travel Data
    • Carrier Route Numbers
    • Delivery Points
    • Other Postal Data Elements
  • A list of corrections we made.
  • A list of corrections that you'll need to make manually.

Data Analysis

Allegiance Fundraising can store and make available a wealth of data, profile reports and tracking information. By analyzing all that information, you’ll be able to make decisions based on knowledge and facts rather than instinct and intuition. If you don’t have time to analyze all the data you can generate or that the system generates automatically, we can do it for you.

If your staff is so buried under the weight of daily tasks that must be completed on a schedule, they may never see the reports and data that should be guiding their decisions. The Allegiance Data Analysis Service is the answer.

Our software services manager will run historic and comparative reports, analyze your data, run more reports, follow up on trends and, ultimately, write a narrative that explains what she's found.

You’ll not only receive the data, but you’ll also get easy-to-understand charts and graphs that illustrate key trends along with a narrative that explains what the data means and what changes you should consider to increase response rates, average gift amounts, and net revenue. All of this will be delivered to you in a bound document and in PDF format on a CD.

Data Migration

If you are planning to move your Allegiance system from one server to another, we can assist you for a smooth, error-free transition. We will run all of the necessary set-up programs, transfer or install new ASNA licenses and move your data.

  • Migration from IBM AS/400 to a Windows Server or SQL Server.
  • Migration from Windows Server to SQL Server.
  • Migration from one SQL Server to another SQL Server.
  • Migration from one Windows Server to another Windows Server.
  • Migration of Web Membership Module from one Web Server to another Web Server.

Further build your station with software to handle fundraisingvolunteer management, auctions and radio traffic, underwriting and billing.

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