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Allegiance Traffic & Corporate Support provides traffic logs, broadcast scheduling software and master control integrated with underwriting, billing and reporting. And it helps you do it all for one or multiple stations. This radio scheduling software was built specifically for non-commercial broadcasters, and ongoing software development is user-driven.


Allegiance radio log software simplifies data entry and comprehension with specialized features such as automatic clock calculations and color-coding. The system allows for unlimited scheduling into the future and easy placement or addition of all spot types.

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  • Access and use unlimited logs for multi-casting
  • Set your own daypart color-coding
  • Export logs and grids as HTML files
  • Set logs and grids to display the remaining availabilities for each program block
  • Display logs onscreen or print them with user-set page breaks
  • Use the Sync mode for a paperless studio with a self-scrolling log
  • Indicate airtime and status immediately on the onscreen log
  • Set your own preferences for display options and color-coding so you can easily and instantly recognize the various elements
  • Set the font style and size for each type of log element for easy visibility
  • Set discrepancies, scripts and other elements to display or be suppressed
  • Reorder log columns and set page breaks
  • Make break and spot detail changes for a single date or for a range of dates
  • Break elements may include all common break types plus your own custom break types
  • Identify missing elements on the daily log tab so you can easily see promo and underwriting elements still available for scheduling
  • See bumps onscreen and reschedule with just a few clicks
  • By attaching dollar values to various times of day, you can create avails reports that include useful financial projection data

Corporate Support

This system simplifies the sales process, helps you form and nurture stronger relationships with clients and prospects, and makes it easy to manage everything necessary to maintain an effective sales program. Allegiance corporate support sales management tools allow you to easily track clients and prospects, enter contracts, monitor payments and attach general ledger numbers. You also can create invoices, statements, affidavits and other materials, and customize them all with your station logo.

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  • Use contact management tools to provide excellent customer service and cultivate prospects
  • Look up people quickly using name, affiliation/member number, affiliation/name, address, zip, phone number or values you define
  • Export information to Microsoft Excel™ for mail merges and client lists
  • Find detailed account information on the account information tab, with additional tabs for extended data, history, activities and appended data
  • Create multiple flights for greater detail and/or control over scheduling parameters
  • Take advantage of numerous options for creating and changing flights, including setting the number of credits, subject parameters, program specific parameters, date and time limits using built-in calendars
  • Easy script rotations and dated schedules
  • Separately place up to three competing or conflicting business types
  • Place spots into single or multiple stations
  • Access the script copy library
  • All spots are scheduled at the time of contract entry
  • Gain maximum control over the placement of your credits with automatic and manual scheduling options
  • Schedule or release spots in batches or individually, or hold them until the time you designate
  • View contract history at a glance on the History tab, which displays the dates and amounts of the first, smallest, largest and last contract


More than its name implies, the Allegiance Library is a comprehensive, searchable database that helps you maintain crucial information, centralize the creation and production process, provide source information to your announcer and more. The easy-to-use Library helps you maintain information related to credits, such as operator and technical notes, station IDs and program promos.

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  • Access records via an easy-to-use interface
  • Search by spot type and/or specific record name
  • Quickly access production, rights/feed, and media/elements screens via tabs on each library record
  • Minimize lag time, centralize the creation process and route items directly into production with the production scheduler, which is accessible to all staff 24/7
  • Store feed and record information, track programs and episodes and access your rights contracts with the rights/feed tab
  • Store source and other playback information for the announcer


Generate a wide range of customized sales/management and avails reports, all from a menu that keeps everything you need in one place. Allegiance allows you to customize the reports you need with a wide range of parameters that incorporate the requirements and desires of your staff. You can create accurate availabilities reports with parameter settings for week, day, date and hour. You also can specifically exclude days of the week, specific hours, or programs.

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  • One easy menu keeps everything you need in one place, including:
    • Spot Availability Summary Reports
    • Spot Availability Detail Reports
    • Sales Payment and Analysis Reports
    • Monthly Transactions by Sales Executive Reports
  • Restrict reports to specific programs, dayparts/program themes, days, date ranges, etc.
  • Check on any or all spot types for any date range
  • Generate color-coded summaries organized by program
  • Color-coding on the Spot Availability Summary Report comes from the daypart colors on your program grid for easy recognition
  • Break down programs by hour
  • Track remaining sales potential by entering target dollar amounts for each hour on your program grid
  • Improve on-air planning by tracking sold and unsold spots, as well as programming and station event promos
  • Track separate avails for original and repeat program airings.


Smoothly take care of billing, tracking transactions and reporting with Allegiance Software, which generates color statements, statements of trade, and affidavits individually or in batches.

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  • Customize affidavits and statements with your logo and special messages or instructions
  • Track all sales activity with an interactive transaction journal
  • Create cash receipt header when cash payments are applied, providing the required audit trail which indicates the affiliation, date and accounting period as well as the amount of cash in the deposit
  • As cash is entered against accounts, the system totals the keyed amount
  • See automatic alerts any time there is a disparity between the deposit amount and keyed amount
  • Get a complete Accounts Receivable section includes financial reports such as:
    • Month-End Summary Reports
    • Transaction Summary Reports
    • Aging Reports
    • Check Register Reports

Further build your station with software for fundraising, volunteer management, and broadcast auctions.

"I've used a variety of traffic systems over the years, and Allegiance is without a question the best. It's flexible, with a friendly user interface. And, I can't praise Allegiance support enough. The support staff and procedures are the gold standard to which EVERY software company should aspire."
Dennis Green, KCCK-FM | Cedar Rapids, IA

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