Get and Keep Good Volunteers

Allegiance Volunteer Management helps you match volunteers’ skills and interest to your station's needs to enhance your fundraising efforts. The volunteer management software provides all the crucial tools and functionality you need to build and maintain an effective volunteer program, allowing you to:

  • Maintain a database of prospective volunteers for future events and promotions, as well as any information needed to perform volunteer tasks
  • Store all pertinent information, including volunteer name, address, telephone number, availability, shift preferences and one or more job preferences
  • Retain a work record (similar to a pledge record) for each time the volunteer is available and/or each time the volunteer has worked
  • Store information on volunteer accounts within the same database as other Allegiance systems. If you use it with the Allegiance Fundraising, all Fundraising system features are available.
  • Segment and classify volunteers by the specific project, job, time available, departmental jurisdiction and completion date of projects and jobs
  • Give your supporters the opportunity to register online for volunteering opportunities
  • Contact select volunteers via mail or email to inquire about their availability, confirm projected volunteer dates/times or acknowledge their work
  • Minimize the need for cross-training since data entry of volunteer hours is similar to keying cash on pledges
  • Generate reports such as:
    • Preference Report to mesh prospective volunteers with lists of individuals or groups that most closely match the project needs  
    • Availability Report of those who have indicated they are available for a specific project  
    • Activity Summary Report  to evaluate volunteer effectiveness for specific jobs 
    • Work Roster/Confirmation Report
    • Management Report to analyze overall program effectiveness with a list of volunteers, the jobs they performed and the total number of hours worked

Further build your organization with software to handle fundraising, auctions and radio traffic, underwriting and billing.

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