3 outdoor summer fundraising ideas

Summer events are great station fundraisers.

The warm weather is certainly here and the summer season is in full swing. When the outdoors are beckoning, it can be hard to put your head down and work on fundraising event ideas. However, public and religious broadcasters can use that desire to be outside to fuel their creative brainstorms. There are a number of different ways to leverage the summer in fundraising efforts, and one of the best is to host outdoor events designed to socialize with and engage donors.

Here are four ideas to get you started:

Outdoor movie screening

You don't need a cinema-grade projection set up to host a movie night in the summer, and who wouldn't want to watch a favorite film under the stars? Summer nights are made for laughing and being in the company of others, and movie nights can provide that exact type of atmosphere. The relatively low-touch affair is the exact type of summer event stations will want to consider given the reach it can have with potential donors.

"When putting on a summer event, just be sure to have the infrastructure to help support it."

Charging admission may be a bit too much, but preparing snacks to sell would be a great way to get funds: Who can watch a movie without popcorn or a drink? Also, poll your donors on what movie they want to see to ensure you engage your audience.

Block party

Block parties are the real stars of summer. When the weather is nice and everybody is itching to get outside, a block party is just the excuse anybody needs to have a good time. Now, sometimes it may be hard for a station to host a block party, especially if in situated in a downtown or rural location, but there's still likely an opportunity to participate in a local fest or block party as a sponsor. 

If hosting your own event, make sure to take care of all the particulars, like food, recreation and even music. Asking for a donation upon entrance is a good idea as well.

Water park in the park

When the heat is on, a trip to the water park would is all any kid wants, but sometimes it's not always possible. Stations can help fit that void a bit by hosting a water park in the park event that brings smaller scale, water-themed attraction to a local area. Think slip 'n slides, sprinklers and other activities that kids and parents alike can enjoy. Not only is it a better idea than breaking open a hydrant, but such a chance to connect with donors and families is invaluable. A lemonade or shaved ice stand could also collect some money for your efforts.

When putting on a summer event, just be sure to have the infrastructure to help support it. Donor management solutions are critical to this, allowing stations to communicate and organize efforts to the greatest effect. Talk to Allegiance Fundraising today for more on our donor management platform.