Fundraising for relief efforts

As hurricanes threaten the U.S. and beyond, broadcasters have leapt into action to help fundraise for relief and recovery efforts.

When disaster strikes, broadcasters often step in to help collect money for relief and recovery efforts. With such large networks of listeners and donors, of whom many want to help affected victims, public and faith-based broadcasters have a compassionate base ready to give. Yet such fundraising drives – started with little notice and conducted amid ongoing emergencies – can be complicated affairs. This is the current reality as the United States and Atlantic island nations deal with overwhelmingly destructive hurricanes, and Mexico with a devastating earthquake. However, there are some strategies broadcasters can use to ensure disaster fundraising is successful.

Give donors information and options

“Most consumers are inclined to give in cases of emergencies.”

While most consumers are inclined to give in cases of emergencies, many are wary of opportunistic scams and want to work with trusted aid organizations. If your station is recommending various established charities or relief providers, it’s highly important that listeners have background and contact information, as well as an idea of what their dollars would be put toward (as best as that can be conveyed). In addition to contributing to overall aid efforts, listeners may be interested in donating to specific causes, like groups that help animals affected by floods or volunteers that will help to rebuild houses leveled by storms. If your station is conducting its own drive, it’s just as essential to give listeners information on your cause, as well as options for how to donate.

Be cautious, self-aware with outreach

Broadcasters often understand the sensitive nature of fundraising for emergency relief and recovery, but the lines can be blurrier on social media. Twitter and Facebook have become valuable communication and outreach tools for stations, and it would make sense that during a drive they would post to social media. However, with life-threatening storms in play, broadcasters have to be careful of the language they use and how they post. An excessive number of hashtags, for instance, my seem callous amid the overall tenor of destruction and peril. 

Ensure infrastructure supports efforts

Broadcasters have to be especially flexible and responsive when launching fundraising drives to help populations and areas affected by severe, damaging storms. Effective donor management in part relies on having the tools necessary to sustain efforts that are assembled with little notice. This means having capable software that can support efforts and track progress, as well as empower broadcasters with on-air solutions. Stations that are working their hardest to help those affected by the recent hurricanes and natural disasters (in the U.S. and around the world) can contact Allegiance Software to learn more about donor management solutions that can improve fundraising efforts.