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virginiaD100President of Dambach & more, Virginia is a well respected consultant with an extensive track record helping audience supported broadcasters improve their bottom line. Having worked for 19 years as a public radio and TV development director, she brings a wealth of real-world experience to the table.

Back on Track - Compass

Getting your Fundraising Back on Track – When to Make Mid-Course Corrections

Each year we plan, we budget, we set goals. Then we run reports, we monitor, we assess. If things are going according to expectations we pat ourselves on the back and go our merry way. But what happens when things aren’t going according to expectations? How do you figure out what went wrong? Is it wise to change plans in the middle of the year? When do you decide it’s time for a mid-course correction to get things back on track? Watch this Webinar to connect the dots between plans, trends, actions and outcomes.

funding with planned gifts

Fund Your Station’s Future with Planned Gifts

The majority of our revenue comes from individual annual gifts, supplemented by corporate and foundation support and grants. However, organizations can benefit greatly from planned legacy gifts IF they can carve out the time to promote, encourage, and solicit planned gifts It’s hard to do, knowing that the return on investment will be at minimum 3-5 years into the future – and sometimes longer! But organizations that make a consistent effort are reaping consistent rewards. Join us to learn why and how to implement or strengthen your planned gift efforts.

keeping revenue pipeline full

How to Keep Your Revenue Pipeline Full

Effective fundraising can be described very accurately in plumbing terms. Every organization depends on a consistent flow of funds – and it’s your job to assure that there is a constant income stream. Are you utilizing all available income streams? How about those slow leaks that can erode the bottom line and reduce income flow? Are you monitoring your renewal rates, average gift amounts, upgrade ask string performance and other key indicators? Get an overview of the schematics of an effective fundraising program.

How to Handle Declined Credit Cards and Avoid Lost Revenue

Credit card rejects are the bane of any fundraiser’s existence. Whether due to an outdated card expiration date or a cancelled card, rejects reduce your income and unless resolved, can lead to misunderstandings and even cancelled pledges. Learn proven practice methods of monitoring, managing, and resolving declined credit card issues thus reducing cancelled pledges and write-offs.

Upgrade Ask Strings – How, When and Why to Use Them

Upgrade ask strings are a simple and easy way to increase revenue without increasing expense! But when do you use them? Are they only for renewal appeals or can you use them in add gift appeals as well? How much should you ask for? Is your ask based on the previous gift or a percentage? Learn the answers to these questions and more when you join fundraising trainer Virginia Dambach.

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get a jump start on tax returns

Get a Jump Start on Tax Receipts

Your organization may choose to send a receipt after every gift, or to wait till calendar year end and send a single receipt showing cumulative gifts for the tax year. Either method is allowable under IRS Charitable Donation Receipt Requirements; however, there are details…many details. Join us to learn who MUST get a tax receipt and when, how premium gifts impact the allowable tax deductible amount, the 2017 IRS allowable de minimus values and more.

creating insightful reports

Create Insightful Easy-to-Understand Reports

Have you presented what you consider exciting trend data only to have eyes glaze over and attention drift? Most of us have. While financial folks appreciate the income detail offered by the fine print, many can’t absorb what you’re trying to communicate. Showing trends and results in a summarized, graphic form accompanied by narrative comments can help earn the attention your reports deserve as well as help you communicate strategically by driving focus where you want it.

use research to raise more money

Practical Ways to Use Research to Raise More Money

National organizations conduct research into fundraising practices, donor responses and more on a regular basis. These results are often shared with stations, presented at national meetings, and discussed at length. But what are we doing with the research? Does research inform your fundraising practices? This webinar will explore specific research findings and offer ideas for how that research can be translated into fundraising practices to enhance your results and increase net revenue.

ROI vs Net

ROI vs Net – Watch the Right Numbers

On various occasions, especially during budget planning, you’ll hear discussions regarding making fundraising more efficient. While efficiency is a worthy goal, make sure that you don’t end up sacrificing effectiveness. And the only way to do that is to be able to demonstrate what the most important numbers are. Join us for this webinar to learn how to defend your budget resources and make sure that net revenue doesn’t go down in the name of efficiency.

how to boost renewals and retension

How to Boost your Renewals and Retention

When asked in a national survey why they had not renewed their membership, 13% stated that they never got thanked for their previous gift and 18% cited poor service or communication. The message to those of us in donor development is clear. If we can change our ways, donors will change theirs. Learn what you can do to help raise the bar on your renewals and retention efforts.

Simple Testing Techniques that Work

Hard-core direct marketers know: the devil (or the genius, depending on your viewpoint) is in the details. There are many variables that can affect the response to your appeals, and many of them have nothing to do with your copy. Join us to learn what’s important to test and what’s not, how to execute a valid test, and how to use test results to inform and improve your fundraising.

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Constant Vigilance – Eyes on the Database

The database is important. Its value to your station is in the millions of dollars. What you know, and don’t know, about your database can hurt you if you’re not careful. Knowing how to manage, access, arrange and interpret your data means you’ll become efficient, nimble, creative and powerful.  Learn just how important a regular data check-up is to your success and how it can reduce customer service issues as well as increase fundraising performance.

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Reality Check – Managing Membership in a Digital World

In our digital world just how relevant can direct mail be? Should we be spending all that money on printing and postage? Join us to learn how to balance the benefits and the risks we face in managing membership today. Gain some insights to help create and defend your membership plan and how to best integrate all the tools available to achieve the highest results.

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Enhancing the Donor Experience – Pledge and Web Forms

How long has it been since you really looked at your public web pledge form? Does it enhance the donor experience or generate donor frustration? Does it increase completion or lead to form abandonment? How about the pledge form your telemarketing firm or volunteers use to take on-air pledges? Watch to view some of the best and worst pledge and web forms and to learn current thoughts about how to make them better and more productive.

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Integrating Planned Giving

Larger organizations may have full time staff devoted to securing planned gifts, however, even the smallest station can be successful at securing such gifts. Watch to learn how adding a few simple sentences to your existing literature, appeals, and websites can have dramatic impact over time. Get the key details donors and estate planners need to make gifts by will, bequests, and insurance and some tips regarding how you can segment your files to make sure that the right people receive the information.

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Acknowledgements & Thank Yous

As children, as graduates, as newlyweds, we learned that if we received a gift, a thank you note was due in return. That courtesy is just as important in fundraising. In fact, according to the latest research from Penelope Burk at Cygnus Research, a timely thank you note is one of the single most important things you can give a donor in order to secure future gifts. Watch the webinar recording to find out what to say and when to say it.

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Writing Appeal Letters & Email Messages

Understanding direct mail and email conventions is the first thing. But after you learn to write short paragraphs in a conversational style and leave lots of white space, what do you say? We’ve gathered advice and recommendations from the masters of appeal writers including Mal Warwick and Becky Chinn, Lewis-Kennedy Associates and distilled them into a straight-forward primer on writing effective direct mail and email appeals.

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Running a Successful Sustainer Program

Whether you have a Sustainer program in place, or are still in the planning stages, there are always things to learn. During this webinar you can learn the ins and outs and ups and downs from stations that have done it and done it well. We’ll review the short-term, temporary challenges, the long-term, ongoing benefits along with tips and techniques to get you where you need to be in the process. Join us to learn how to build, grow, maintain and improve your Sustainer effort.

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Maximizing Year-End Giving

That lackluster week between Christmas and New Year’s can become a star fundraising performer IF you start planning now for a coordinated multi-platform campaign. Watch this webinar to learn which elements work best – mail, email, spots and/or live pitch breaks – and how to time the appeals for maximum response.

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Fundraising Planning and Budgeting

When you present a fundraising or membership plan for the year, the first thing you’re going to be asked is “How much is it going to cost to do all that?” While budgeting takes preparation, it is not rocket science. Watch this webinar to be walked through the step by step process of gathering detailed cost information, establishing quantities, and calculating costs by project and by month. You’ll also learn how to make income projections based on history and trends.

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Managing Major Donors

Do you have a plan for cultivating and maintaining Major Donors or do you simply rely on large pledges as a result of on-air appeals? Do you use wealth screening and other methods to target prospects or expect those with the capacity to give large gifts to self-identify? Join us to learn some of the tools and techniques that can help you build, grow, and maintain a robust Major Gifts Program.

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Enhancing Pledge Fulfillment

While sustainer monthly giving and credit card use account for the majority of pledge drive payments, a significant amount of revenue remains to be collected the old fashioned way – through billings and pledge reminders. Learn the techniques that can help assure the fulfillment of the highest percentage of pledges from this important file segment. Make sure your practices are as efficient and effective as possible.

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Maximizing Web Giving

You know when a pledge drive or sharathon is in play because web pledges flood in to the station. What are you doing the rest of the year? Are you promoting giving on air and mentioning the web URL? Is your Donate Now button prominent on your home page and other high traffic pages? Have you optimized your web pledge pages for mobile use? Does the web pledge page layout enhance pledge submission rather than page abandonment? Join us for tips and techniques to enhance your web-based giving.

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Essential Work Flow Scheduling

With the pressure of pledge drive planning and other duties as assigned, it is easy to let those things that should be routine take a back burner. However, ignoring schedules and delaying various elements of your annual membership solicitation efforts can have a drastically negative impact on net revenue. Learn why adhering to your work flow schedule is so essential and why nothing could  be more important to your overall success in fundraising.

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Planning & Executing Direct Mail Acquisition

Although public broadcasters are the envy of the non-profit world because we have on-air pledge drives to support membership performance doesn’t mean that other traditional sources of new members should be neglected. Even in this electronic age, Acquisition direct mail remains a proven means to reduce churn, stabilize income flow, increase renewal rates, build loyalty and increase life-time value. Watch to learn how Acquisition Direct Mail can help build your donor base.

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Renewal and Sustainer Management to Increase Retention

Do you know the elements of a strong renewal/sustainer program that will assure highest retention rate among donors? The key is consistency and timeliness in asking, in acknowledgement/thanking, and in on-going service. While personalizing is important, systematizing the processes and procedures carries equal weight. Learn what you can do to strengthen your retention.

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Add Gift and Lapsed Solicitation Management

How often should you ask for an additional gift from a current donor in order to generate the most net revenue? Will add gift solicitation hurt annual and renewal giving? What can you do to make sure that the average gift is always going up? How should files be segmented and results tracked in order to add to your knowledge base and inform your decision-making down the road? Which media is most effective – mail or email?

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Source Coding and Data Tracking

How easy is it to find out how well your various fundraising campaigns are performing? If you only know how much money you brought in, but you can’t tell whether the gift was new, renewal, additional or rejoin, you’re leaving money on the table. Learn proven source code protocols and procedures that will give you the ability to analyze your solicitation results by type and method of giving by campaign and over time.