Proven Practices in Fundraising Webinars

Join us for these valuable monthly webinars presented by Virginia Dambach to learn how to assure productivity while increasing net revenue generation using proven practice fundraising techniques. Registration is free! Be sure to browse our growing library of recorded Proven Practice webinars.

virginiaD100President of Dambach & more, Virginia is a well respected consultant with an extensive track record helping audience supported broadcasters improve their bottom line. Having worked for 19 years as a public radio and TV development director, she brings a wealth of real-world experience to the table.

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Get a Jump Start on Tax Receipts

12/06/2017 1:00 PM CST

Your organization may choose to send a receipt after every gift, or to wait till calendar year end and send a single receipt showing cumulative gifts for the tax year. Either method is allowable under IRS Charitable Donation Receipt Requirements; however, there are details…many details. Join us to learn who MUST get a tax receipt and when, how premium gifts impact the allowable tax deductible amount, the 2017 IRS allowable de minimus values and more.

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Upgrade Ask Strings – How, When and Why to Use Them

01/03/2018 1:00 PM CST

Upgrade ask strings are a simple and easy way to increase revenue without increasing expense! But when do you use them? Are they only for renewal appeals or can you use them in add gift appeals as well? How much should you ask for? Is your ask based on the previous gift or a percentage? Learn the answers to these questions and more when you join fundraising trainer Virginia Dambach.

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How to Handle Declined Credit Cards and Avoid Lost Revenue

02/07/2018 1:00 PM CST

Credit card rejects are the bane of any fundraiser’s existence. Whether due to an outdated card expiration date or a cancelled card, rejects reduce your income and unless resolved, can lead to misunderstandings and even cancelled pledges. Learn proven practice methods of monitoring, managing, and resolving declined credit card issues thus reducing cancelled pledges and write-offs.