How to Maximize Retention of your Sustaining Members

Stations that achieve top retention levels structure their renewal and sustainer efforts to achieve maximum results. Find out how they do it.

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Online Fundraising Optimization and Donation Page Best Practices

Learn how to plan and manage an online fundraising program as part of your overall strategy. And get 11 ways to optimize your donation page to reduce abandonment and raise more money.

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A Perfect Fit for Today’s Religious Broadcasters

Religious broadcasting stations are on a mission to service their communities, and proper funding is an integral component. Most religious broadcasters rely on monthly gifts from sustainable contributors, making it crucial for stations to have a system in place to keep funding consistent and well-managed. Allegiance Software boasts a focused business model and tailored software solution that makes it uniquely suited for religious broadcasters. Not only is our software specifically designed for radio and TV, it’s customized to fit the needs of public and religious broadcasters in particular.

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Ah, Data: The Most Important Resource For Nonprofit Broadcasters

Fortune 500 companies, boutique retail shops, service providers and even nonprofit organizations all share one valuable – and often untapped – resource in common: data. Due to the very nature of how they operate, nonprofit broadcasters have to constantly analyze and optimize their audience and donor data to improve returns on investment and stay in business. As audience-supported organizations, leveraging and protecting the data of their loyal listeners and viewers is tantamount to long-term success.

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How to Thank and Acknowledge Donors

Research has shown time and time again, if a donor’s gift is not acknowledged in a timely and proper way, donors are not going to keep giving. Get this eBook to learn how to plan and implement an acknowledgement and cultivation plan.

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