Put Your Donor Portal to Work

OPI, Online Personal Interface, allows you to add a donor portal to your website so your donors can make changes to their accounts, pledges, and payments all while allowing you to keep your station’s branding and messaging in front of donors’ eyes. But how can you really maximize its potential if you don’t have the time or the staff to devote to setting up OPI? It’s time to outsource to Allegiance.

What You’ll Get

A one-on-one consultation with an Allegiance representative to discuss:

  • Station branding, marketing, and language;
  • Functionalities you want to offer to your donors via OPI; and
  • A suggested timeline for launching OPI to your donors.

Following the consultation call, Allegiance will set-up OPI per your specifications and test the following items extensively:

  • Navigation ability between sections of OPI, from a donor’s point of view;
  • Account approval process;
  • Transaction verification;
  • Donor alerts and email communication; and
  • New and upgraded pledges made through OPI.


  • Station staff won’t have to divide time between regular duties and the set-up of OPI.
  • Allegiance will make sure station staff know how to maintain OPI, approve users, and verify transactions.
  • Allegiance will recommend a marketing plan to encourage on-going donor use and future donor sign-up.

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