Harness the Full Power of Your Pledge Pages

Many stations have pledge drives down to a science, however just as many have not assigned responsibility for web pledge page updates, optimization, or testing; all of which are required to encourage completion and prevent donor fatigue and form abandonment. If you’ve had turn-over in key areas, or your staff lacks the time or the skill set required for this important task, it’s time to outsource.

What You’ll Get

Allegiance will optimize your web pledge pages for streamlined data entry and hassle-free pledge campaigns. With your detailed input, Allegiance will create and test your pledge pages from start to finish including set up for:

  • Premium items and groups
  • Giving ladders
  • Question records

Following initial set up, Allegiance will create and conduct multi-platform tests on:

  • Individual Web pledge page
  • Call center web pledge entry page
  • Volunteer web pledge entry page


  • Higher pledge completion rate/lower form abandonment rate.
  • Accurate, error-free pledges ready for immediate database integration.
  • Embedded scripts and step-by-step instructions to ensure accurate data gathering by both volunteers and call center staff 

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