What is Your Segmentation Really Doing?

If your station has experienced staff turnover in data positions or if you’ve been using the same segmentation sets for months or even years, you might be surprised at what your segmentation is actually doing. If one segment is out of order, it can change the output dramatically.  

Segmentation errors could be the culprit if you notice problems like:

  • Trends appear abnormal, or can’t be explained.
  • Your add gift appeals are generating fewer gifts and/or less revenue than in the past.
  • Your well-performing program falters or any segments seem out of kilter compared to past performance.

A quick audit of your segmentation sets could be all that’s needed to make things right.

What You’ll Get

We’ll sit down with you to discuss your needs, goals and segmentation strategy. Then we’ll examine your segmentation sets, identify potential issues, and make recommendations.  New segmentation sets will be created to produce desired segments for your solicitations. And your staff will be trained on the appropriate us of the new segmentation sets.


Well written efficient segmentation sets ensure that:

  • Money isn’t being left on the table.
  • All qualified donors are being asked to give at appropriate times and for appropriate amounts.
  • No one falls through the cracks.

By correcting segmentation errors, future solicitations will become more productive with the first effort.

Get a Free Consultation

Contact us today to arrange a free consultation and price quote. Whether it’s a segmentation audit to identify potential problems or to get help writing new segmentation, we’re here to help.