Clean Source Codes = Clean Data

Accurate data analysis depends on accurate and consistent coding. It’s not enough to be able to review results by individual campaign; it’s essential to be able to pull and review data from multiple campaigns in order to identify trends and make informed decisions. Unfortunately, code schemes are often not systematized and implemented over time due to staff turn-over or a lack of understanding. Inconsistencies in coding make it more and more difficult to generate the kind of reliable data that is required for solid decision-making. If key source coding concepts have been misunderstood or if you find your station inundated with inconsistent and unreadable source codes it’s time for a fix.

What You’ll Get

Our experts will go through your source code table with a fine tooth comb and:

  • Establish a defined naming convention for source codes.
  • Rename historical source codes.
  • Update Source Code Tables.
  • Train staff regarding Source Code Maintenance.


Consistent and accurate source codes:

  • Enhance your ability to identify trends over time.
  • Assure that data required for CPB and SABS reports is accurate.
  • Ease your ability to mine data to address specific concerns.
  • Allow you to more easily generate comparable reports.

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