Improve donor retention and increase net revenue using Allegiance CRM tools

Nurture relationships and manage donor and prospect data and interactions. Gain actionable donor insights, identify opportunities, and build, test and employ campaigns accordingly.

CRM software is generally designed to build relationships with customers with a goal of improving business relationships and driving sales. But Allegiance is designed to help you find and convert prospective donors and nurture your relationship with existing donors with a goal of improving donor retention and increasing revenue. wealth intelligence & wealth scoring.

Allegiance gives you the power to gather, store and deliver usable data.

Gain actionable donor insights, identify opportunities and build, test and employ coordinated multi-channel campaigns accordingly.

  • Allegiance organizes your data into user-defined account types. You can use separate account types for things like capital campaigns, membership, underwriting, volunteer, and auction.
  • Ask questions on your pledge page or dedicated survey pages without worrying about mapping fields and importing data.
  • Track and store behavioral data. What program were they watching when the called in their pledge? What pledge page performed the best? How did you acquire donors with the highest lifetime value?
  • Engage your donors online to self-manage account and payment information and deliver targeted messaging.

Take the guesswork out of fundraising and engage with people most likely to donate.

Gather and store wealth intelligence. What donors have the potential and inclination to give larger gifts? what’s the best way to approach them?

Automated functions help you move donors along the pipeline.

Allegiance has built-in smart functions to handle daily, monthly and on-demand tasks. Membership functions knows who’s expired, who’s already renewed, which accounts have lapsed. So you don’t have to worry about setting up complex segmentation for things like reminders and thank yous.

Marketing functions automatically push highly targeted content.

Cultivate major donors using automated action plan templates and libraries. Major gift officers manage their accounts with their own task management systems and calendars that synchronize with a mobile app.

Push targeted content to donors’ online accounts automatically. When they log in they’ll see messaging generated automatically based on their profile and account status.

Streamline employee workflow

Enhance customer service with contact management tools that generate reminders and alerts. Manage workflow and automate follow up with action plans, templates, calendars and task management tools.

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Allegiance will host your software in a hardened and secure data center to provide continual access to your data. Our robust computing engine and data storage vault ensures you will get the most value from your investment in Allegiance.