Streamline and Automate Pledge Tasks

On-air fundraising drives require months of planning and preparation. From strategy to scripting; recruiting to training volunteers; goal setting to tracking progress; taking pledges to collecting the funds; and analyzing results to planning the next drive; Allegiance can handle every detail. Built specifically for broadcasters, Allegiance offers robust and flexible solutions for on-air fundraising.

Set Goals and Track Results Real Time

Incentivize and motivate your audience to give by setting goals and reporting on progress. Set up multiple goals in advance or on the fly. Then feed your on-air talent the real-time tallies, countdowns and donor comments they need to make their pitch and drive momentum.

Paper Free Pledge

Go paper-free with scripted volunteer pledge-entry forms. Transactions are stored in a verification file until they are reviewed and approved by your staff for acceptance into the Allegiance database. Shorten pledge calls and reduce errors and duplicate accounts with search and select capability.

Call Center Interface

Allegiance has partnered with ACD Direct to create a call center application programming interface (API) that allows the call center to utilize their own software to enter your pledges, including premiums, survey questions, modes of payments, and many other parameters.

Manage Premium Offers

Set up premium offers ahead of time and automatically adjust inventory in real-time. Images, descriptions, and qualifying pledge amounts are displayed on pledge-entry pages and web pages, making premium selection easy for volunteers, call center operators and donors alike.

Secure Payment Processing

Seamless secure integration with payment processors means there is no need to store or transmit sensitive data and allows you to process monthly payments automatically. Plus credit cards are verified while the donor is still on the phone, saving you time and increasing fulfillment.

Mobile Apps

A mobile app and web-based secure campaign pages shows live progress reports for multiple campaigns. You’ll be able to drill down all the way to the individual donor level for each method of solicitation.

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Allegiance will host your software in a hardened and secure data center to provide continual access to your data. Our robust computing engine and data storage vault ensures you will get the most value from your investment in Allegiance.