Managing Sustainers has never been easier

Allegiance gives you numerous tools to support your sustainer solicitation, upgrade, and retention efforts. From helpful visual details like displaying highlighting sustainer accounts in the search window to special codes to prevent sustainers from being selected to receive renewal notices, Allegiance is reducing the manual labor, eliminating headaches, and streamlining sustainer management.

By simply setting the Auto Renew button to Active, any account can be instantly coded as a Sustainer and once the existing pledge is paid, it is automatically coded complete and a new sustainer pledge is created for that account.

A link to the original pledge is always maintained for better tracking of lifetime value and changing donation levels. Identify sustainer problems as they are occurring and access the accounts to handle them from a new monitoring dashboard.

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Allegiance will host your software in a hardened and secure data center to provide continual access to your data. Our robust computing engine and data storage vault ensures you will get the most value from your investment in Allegiance.