Web Pledge & Survey Integration & Management

Design coordinated web forms and surveys to support your solicitation efforts. Donors and volunteers can use the form and data that is ready for integration into your database with the click of an approval button – for an individual pledge or hundreds of pledges at once. Responses to individual email solicitations from linked pledge forms are automatically tracked and attached to donor accounts.

Mobile and Browser-based Pledge and Survey Pages

Allegiance makes it quick and easy for broadcasters to create specialized mobile-friendly web giving and survey pages, and track navigation and page performance without a programmer. You can also build browser-based volunteer pledge entry pages, seamlessly transfer data, and benefit from real-time tallies and countdowns for on-air drives and web-based campaign reports.

A mobile app and web-based secure Campaign Pages show live progress reports for multiple campaigns. You’ll be able to drill down all the way to the individual donor level for each method of solicitation. You can display the number of pledges, average pledge, amount pledged, amount paid or fulfillment percentage for each method of solicitation used in the campaign from any device 24/7.

Integrate Online Transactions

Seamless integration means there is no need to import a file from an external system or explain to an outside source what is accepted as valid data. Seamless integration with Sage, CyberSource and Element Payment Solutions means there is no need to store or transmit sensitive data, and allows you to process monthly payments automatically.

Transactions entered via the web, or by volunteers using the browser-based entry, are stored in a verification file until they are reviewed and approved by your staff prior to acceptance into the Allegiance database. Prospect names and addresses are collected via surveys and contests and are stored in the database along with any other information provided by the prospect. You’ll be able to use the survey data to create targeted appeal

Integration with premium inventory enables you to set up premium offers ahead of time and adjust inventory in real-time. Images, descriptions, and qualifying pledge amounts are displayed on volunteer pledge entry pages and web pages, making premium selection easy for volunteers and donors alike.

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Allegiance will host your software in a hardened and secure data center to provide continual access to your data. Our robust computing engine and data storage vault ensures you will get the most value from your investment in Allegiance.