Manage and Track Spot Production

A comprehensive, searchable database helps you maintain crucial information, centralize the spot creation and production process, provide source information to your announcers and more. An easy-to-use library helps you maintain information related to credits, such as operator and technical notes, station IDs and program promos.

  • Access records via an easy-to-use interface
  • Search by spot type and/or specific record name
  • Quickly access production, rights/feed, and media/elements screens via tabs on each library record
  • Minimize lag time, centralize the creation process and route items directly into production with the production scheduler, which is accessible to all staff 24/7
  • Store feed and record information, track programs and episodes and access your rights contracts with the rights/feed tab
  • Store source and other playback information for the announcer
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Allegiance will host your software in a hardened and secure data center to provide continual access to your data. Our robust computing engine and data storage vault ensures you will get the most value from your investment in Allegiance.