Don’t let a nightmare conversion from your past stand in your way of getting better software. Our implementation process is designed to get your station up and running with Allegiance solutions without interfering with day-to-day operations.

While we can’t guarantee there won’t be a few bumps as we move your data into Allegiance and get you up and running, we can guarantee we’ll get it done right, usually within 90 days. We’ve converted stations with as few as 1,500 records to over 100,000 records, and from major national software companies to homegrown databases and even Excel spreadsheets.

Allegiance programmers use a copy of your data to develop and test your conversion 60-90 days before the targeted installation/training dates. Then one week before we arrive onsite, the Allegiance team converts a final copy of your data. While onsite for a week of training, we work with you to identify potential glitches or anomalies. During the next 30 days, your staff continues to report any problems and Allegiance re-programs and installs fixes to correct them.