Kentucky Educational Television Logo

KET says,"Good-bye Paper, Hello Digital."

Less than a year ago KET was using paper pledge forms and outdated software that required the station to pay in excess of 5% of membership salaries in overtime in order to keep up during pledge drives. With the conversion to Allegiance, KET now uses an integrated system that has reduced manual data entry, eliminated overtime, streamlined operations, and provides the flexibility to adapt, change and grow as needs change.

WQLN Public Media

WQLN Public Media returns to Allegiance and leaves chaos and frustration behind.

An Allegiance user for 5 years, in 2005 WQLN management decided to move to a software package that would allow staff to write and implement custom program features. And while it worked for a time, the station ceased getting updates from the primary software and then the person who had created all the custom features left the station. Membership Services Coordinator Gwen Campbell tells the story of the resulting chaos and how returning to Allegiance restored order and efficiency.

Star 99.1 Logo

Star 99.1 WAWZ reduces workload, streamlines Sharathon processes.

WAWZ was using a complex set of databases in order to manage on-air Sharathons. Downloading and uploading data daily, they had no way to track results in real time, and even with extra staff, it always took several weeks after an event to send out pledge reminders. Manager of business administration, Nancy J. Walter reports, “Now, with Allegiance, we are doing data entry in real time, are caught up on a daily basis, and able to send Sharathon pledge billings in just a few days.”


Pittsburgh Community Broadcasting stations overcome challenges to become pledge drive machines.

Just 18 months ago, pledge drives at WESA and WYEP were paper-driven, with volunteers in the studio filling out paper pledge forms. Besides being inefficient, it also meant they were not PCI-compliant. Now, with Allegiance in place, both stations are pledge drive machines with integrated operations and immediate sophisticated reporting. According to development director, Nancy Wood, “Instead of working 10-12 hours a day during and immediately following the drive, the membership staff is caught up each day with virtually no extra hours at all!”

WNMU logo

WNMU-FM, Marquette, Mi, streamlines logistics to grow Sustainer program.

Prior to acquiring Allegiance, the challenges in managing a sustainer program were daunting. Reliance on multiple systems, manual proofing and error correction, staying on top of countless logistical details, provided numerous opportunities to get it wrong. Now with Allegiance, processing Sustainer transactions takes only a few hours a month. Station manager/development director, Evelyn Massaro says, “Whether you have 100 or 1,000 sustainers, it is the same workload. And Allegiance makes sure we’re not missing anyone or anything.”

kjzz logo

KJZZ, Phoenix, AZ, doubles sustainer upgrades in one year.

When KJZZ first acquired the Allegiance Online Personal Interface (OPI) module in 2010 it was at the cutting edge in donor engagement and customer service, and that’s where they wanted to be. Every drive KJZZ converts more members to e-Membership. In five years, KJZZ/KBAQ has moved from its initial 1,114 e-members to 14,249 e-members. According to major gifts officer, Brian Fergus, “OPI, the tool that drives our E Membership effort, is changing how the station does business.”