Enjoy the Benefits of Allegiance Solutions

KSBJ uses Allegiance because we need a powerful software program we can rely on for donor development and campaign tracking – especially during our annual fund drive. The ability to track details of simultaneous campaigns through multiple source codes is very important to us and is essential to our process and real-time, on-air reporting."

Jimmy West

Manager, Donor Care

KSBJ God Listens

KUT currently has close to 70 percent of its members as Sustaining Members. These ongoing, monthly donors give almost $170,000 each month to the station. Allegiance was able to adapt certain reports and functions within the fundraising system to enable our success with sustaining members. Based on the modifications to the database, KUT saves on average $20,000 each month because we can recapture members whose cards have failed. Allegiance allowed us to be on the cutting edge of technology by listening to the problems clients were having with their sustainer programs and then instituting changes. Just another way that Allegiance enables our success – listening to clients and making changes as necessary."

Holly Gaete

Associate Director of Development - Membership


Austin, TX

KSPS switched to Allegiance back in the late 1990s. Since then our program has grown step-by-step with Allegiance--and thanks to Allegiance.

Three things I love most about Allegiance:

  • They constantly upgrade, not only staying current with fund raising trends, but leading the way.
  • They work well with our other software providers to make our processes more efficient and cost-effective. No finger-pointing, ever!
  • Their customer support is as good as it gets. I consider the Allegiance team an important part of our fund raising staff."

Dawn Bayman

Director of Development

KSPS Public TV/Spokane,

Spokane, WA

The matching gift integration with HEP and Allegiance is an incredible improvement to our fundraising and database management efforts. It gives members easy access to enter their employer information while making a pledge and essentially doubles the impact of their gift. Additionally, a matching gift account is created for the employer as well as a link between the donor gift and the employer. Now I have an accurate list of donors to contact and remind them to send in their matching gift paperwork."

Brian Fergus

Major Gifts Manager


Tempe, AZ

Since we use Forest Incentives to ship all of our premiums, being able to add the vendor and order number (sku) for non-Forest product to each item makes ordering so much easier. Now, I don’t have to look up all the premiums to see who the vendor is…a huge time savings. I can just sort my spreadsheet and place my orders. You’ve saved me lots of hours that I can now spend on other projects in keeping our wonderful members happy."

Bobbe Clark

Membership Coordinator

Arizona Public Media,

Tucson, AZ

Allegiance’s database software is uniquely designed for the singular needs and issues of public broadcasting. All of their processes, including data entry, payments, premiums, industry reporting, sustaining membership processes, and data segmentation, are well-designed for radio and television not-for-profits, and they’re always looking for new ways to improve the tools they have already, and build the new ones the industry needs to adapt to the evolving times."

Joshua Hamel

Development Administrator


Orlando, Florida

The training and support that WSKG receives from Allegiance is phenomenal. The specialists at Allegiance are kind, dedicated, prompt and patient -- even when I call multiple times per day. It's reassuring to know that if I ever run into a problem I can't solve on my own, the answer is just a phone call away. With regular webinars, online tutorials and online resources, the customer service can't be beat."

Michael Grasso

Assistant Director of Development

WSKG Public Media

The biggest benefit has been the quality of the member experience that we are able to provide to donors. We are able to keep track of where our money is coming from and what appeal was the most successful. We are able to look up member’s accounts and then make changes based on the member’s needs. We can quickly look at the database and have an understanding of when the member last gave, if they are a sustaining member and their listening preferences. We can also specifically target the people most likely to donate because we can easily track their giving habits. We can create direct mail appeals that are targeted and specific, but yet are sent to a high quantity of people which allows us to mail in bulk. We are more successful at raising money for our organization because of Allegiance."

Holly Gaete

Associate Director of Development - Membership


Austin, TX

Providing donors access to self-manage their giving accounts through the OPI module is of great importance to us and has significantly reduced our administrative hours in this area."

Jimmy West

Manager, Donor Care

KSBJ God Listens

Allegiance has brought new life to our development efforts. It has streamlined our gift processing (actually, made it easy!), made it simple for us to thank donors, and just over all increased our effectiveness which has a direct impact on our retention rate!

Danielle Wright-Landry

Director of Development

Spirit FM 90.5,

Tampa, FL

While choosing our new database software, AETN looked at several options and found Allegiance to be the most user-friendly and most versatile software. We have never regretted our decision. Allegiance is constantly reviewing its customers’ needs, adding new functions and upgrades to meet the ever-changing needs of Public Television stations. Prime examples include the addition of sustaining donors and Passport. Best of all, Allegiance's customer service and support is second to none."

Mona Dixon

Chief Operating Officer & Director of Development

Arkansas Educational Television Network Foundation,

Conway, AR

Allegiance is truly a partner in our success. Whether we need emergency weekend customer support, one-on-one training, advice on fundraising best practices or customized programming, Allegiance never disappoints."

Melanie Cannon

Development Director

Nevada Public Radio,

Las Vegas, NV

Allegiance has been a great asset to our radio ministry. Before switching to Allegiance, our radio ministry had to run complex processes in multiple systems to operate anything outside of the normal donor programming. Allegiance allowed us to more concisely communicate with and receive funding from our donors. The on-air processes of fundraising run so much smoother due to the abilities to easily write our own web-based pledge drive program and instantly track results. Support is always available, and the team is willing to work with us to write custom programs if needed. The major donor module has also helped in our ongoing relationship building. No program is perfect, but Allegiance has tied all of our loose ends together and provided a great product to benefit our ministry.

Nancy J. Walter

Manager of Business Administration

WAWZ / Star 99.1,

Zarephath, NJ

The elimination of overtime we were paying each year is well worth the software acquisition expense, and it means I can spend much less time on performing basic membership functions, important as they are, and focus more on things that can really have a positive impact.

Gwen Campbell

Membership Services Coordinator

WQLN Public Media,

Erie, PA